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The State of the Multilingual Customer Experience

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As CX expectations rise with the advent and rapid evolution of technology solutions, global brands race to adapt their chatbots and other technologies to service customers in their language of choice. A benchmark survey, conducted by Execs In The Know and commissioned by Unbabel, a multilingual support provider, found that 88% of companies still rely heavily on in-house agents to deliver native-language support, indicating a market opportunity for technologies that can help scale customer support operations. 

In this survey, Execs In The Know called upon their expert community of senior CX decision-makers at top-tier, worldwide brands to present The State of Multilingual Customer Experience, a data-driven analysis of English-translation services, language support requirements, cost of multilingual customer experience, and the shifting focus in customer support. This comprehensive report identifies current state multilingual CX support, opportunities for expansion, and pain points when utilizing native language support. 

There were a number of findings that came from this survey including:

  • 88% of survey respondents reported self-service as the latest growing channel in customer service, with expected increases in live chat and social media interactions as well
  • 71% said they plan to add or increase native-language support within the next 1-2 years
  • 84% of respondents said they plan leverage chatbots to meet increased volume demands

Download the full report to see the rest of the findings on how the CX community is implementing and adapting to the changing needs of multilingual customer support. 

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