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The Social Customer Care Guide: Corporate Strategies for Operational Readiness 

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During its short life cycle as a customer service channel, many organizations have struggled with knowing what they should measure on social media, and how to go about doing it. There is a great deal of social data that is untapped, and organizations are missing the opportunity to capitalize on the data’s impact on CSAT, revenue, product, efficiency and more. To comprehend the full impact and ROI of social customer service, companies need to cross-measure the data with other traditional channels, as well as other functional areas like marketing and research. Execs In The Know believes that, by bringing together leaders in social customer care, in various verticals, it can create cross-industry learnings and develop a holistic road map to effectively measure and utilize social data, across the enterprise. As a result, it was these principles upon which the EITK Social KPI Committee was formed. The committee is comprised of representatives responsible for social customer care at leading brands like Amazon, Cross Country Home Services, Belkin International, Outerwall, Nintendo, Fairytale Brownies, CIBC, and Hyatt.

This paper provides insights into the evolution of program management, along with the best practices for social customer care. Leveraging our team’s collective experience, coupled with industry research, this paper provides insights into how SCC is functioning today and provides the operational indicators for program success and management.

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