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CXMB Industry Insights: Retail 

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Developed as an extension of the Customer Experience Management Benchmark (CXMB) Series, CXMB Industry Insights reports are the result of a research partnership between COPC Inc. and Execs In The Know. The ultimate goal of this series is to improve the customer experience. To accomplish this, we hope to inform and enrich the community by providing relevant research aimed at delivering timely, actionable insights, industry-by-industry.

CXMB Industry Insights: Retail is aimed at providing insights into consumer opinions and behaviors, specific to the retail industry. Topics in this report include comparisons between online and in-store shoppers in the areas of pre-purchase research, shopping, customer care, drivers of mobile device shoppers, and the multi-channel experience.

Click on the infographic on the right to read key highlights regarding the in-store, online and mobile shopping experience in the United States. This visual will give you an overview of some of the key data points that can be found in the CXMB Industry Insights: Retail report. 

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